Frame 7EA Wash Skid and Nozzle Upgrade

borescope of R-MC in action

Case Study: Wash Equipment Upgrade -

Case Study: Wash Equipment Upgrade - ECT was tasked to engineer a wash equipment package to upgrade the wash skid, improved control functionality and add online cleaning capability to two (2) Frame 7EA gas turbine located on the east coast. The upgrade design goals targeted an online nozzle retrofit, accelerating the heat cycle and improving the capability of the gas turbine wash skid. To install the nozzle quickly and without the need for expensive bellmouth machining, ECT used the inactive online ports that were built into the bellmouth. A proprietary boss retrofit was designed to mate correctly into the existing predrilled holes. This allowed the boss to be installed into the unit in less than an hour. The nozzles were then installed and then interconnected using flexible stainless hose. The balance of the rings were installed on two units with two mechanics in under four (4) hours total.

Nozzle Retrofit Nozzle Retrofit
Custom Boss Online Nozzle assembly

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The wash skid was designed to improve operator safety, pump skid management and most importantly allow the user to both improve their crank wash recoveries and reduce their crank wash time to under 2 hours. By upgrading the controls, a single power supply was provided to provide power to the entire skid. The heaters were sized to heat the 500 gallon tank to 180⁰ F in under two (2) hours. Both the online and crankwash flow rate and injection time were managed using a PLC married to a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to control pump output. Online and offline functionality with a rinse controls were provided with the ability to go into a manual mode to select longer or shorter cycle durations.

Nozzle Retrofit
Custom Gas Turbine Wash Skid
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