Frame 7F Case Study

borescope of R-MC in action

A sound investment in cleaning

ECT performed a comparison test of gas turbine cleaning products on a Frame 7F in California that is operated by a large wholesale power generation company. The Company had been avoiding gas turbine compressor washed due to the high cost of collection and disposal of the rinse water. The plant operators were not able to achieve a high level of cleaning, the incumbent product generated too much foam and the incumbent chemistry required excessive water, nearly 10,000 gallons, to rinse.

ECT used our ethoxylated amine product PowerBack as an alternative to the ethoxylated alcohol based product that was being used at the plant. ECT was able to deliver better cleaning results – as shown by a 3% compressor performance improvement. The improved cleaning was achieved using only a single rinse, which reduced the rinse effluent by 9500 gallons. This reduction in rinsing saved the Company over $10,000.00 per cleaning in waste disposal costs.

The Company has seen similar results on sister sites and started to expand the program throughout North America.

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R-MC Cleaner
R-MC Cleaner
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