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Our Latest Case Study: Frame 7F

Case Study: Frame 7F - Improved Cleaning Efficiency with Lower Cost

Frame 7F Blades ECT performed a comparison test of gas turbine cleaning products on a Frame 7F in California that is operated by a large wholesale power generation Company. The Company had been avoiding gas turbine compressor washed due to the high cost of collection and disposal of the rinse water. The plant operators were not able to achieve a high level of cleaning, the incumbent product generated too much foam and the incumbent chemistry required excessive water, nearly 10,000 gallons, to rinse.

ECT used our ethoxylated amine product PowerBack as an alternative to the ethoxylated alcohol based product that was being used at the plant. ECT was able to deliver better cleaning results – as shown by a 3% compressor performance improvement. The improved cleaning was achieved using only a single rinse, which reduced the rinse effluent by 9500 gallons. This reduction in rinsing saved the Company over $10,000.00 per cleaning in waste disposal costs.

The Company has seen similar results on sister sites and started to expand the program throughout North America.

Contact ECT for an evaluation of your existing gas turbine crank wash procedure to see how we can help you lower your operating costs.

Frame 6

Case Study: 4% Power Recovery by Improved Cleaning Efficiency-  ECT performed a comparison test of gas turbine cleaning hardware and compressor wash on a Frame 6 that is operated under an LTSA by an OEM for a power generation Company in California. Read the case study for yourself

Fog Nozzle Retrofit

Case Study: Fog Nozzle Retrofit-  ECT retrofit 600 fog nozzles into each of two gas turbines for an overall output gain over  7%.  By changing out impingement pin nozzles and reconfiguring the nozzle grid,  ECT engineered a retrofit that allowed the end user to use a fogging skid that was previously shut down due to poor performance and creating large droplet erosion. See what sets our nozles apart from the rest

Wash Skid Upgrade

Case Study: Wash Tank Upgrade-  ECT engineered a package to upgrade the heaters and update the controls of a gas turbine wash tank.  The upgrade targeted an accelerated heat cycle that allows the user to improve their crank wash recoveries and reduce their crank wash time over 2 hours. See the full range of wash skids


Case Study: LM2500 Online Cleaning-  ECT manufactured a custom online injection ring with removable nozzles and provided R-MC engine cleaner.  The end user was able to maintain compressor performance between crank washes and nearly eliminate their crank wash program. Download the Complete Case Study PDF

Frame 7EA

Case study: Improved compressor wash efficiency with full system upgrade-  ECT was contracted to perform a full upgrade on two Frame 7EA units. The design goals were to use the existing crank wash nozzles provided by General Electric, design new online wash hardware and engineer the upgraded online/off-line wash skids. Read the case study for yourself